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Hradisko Zobor Historical Interpretative Trai

Hiking the entire trail gives visitors both a complete picture of Hradisko Zobor and a beautiful walk through Pyramída and Zobor. The trail begins and ends at Pyramída.

It is located inside the Chránená krajinná oblasť Ponitrie (Nitra Valley Protected Landscape) and the historically protected Hradisko Zobor National Cultural Monument, on the hilltops of Pyramída and Zobor.

For this reason we ask you to stay on the marked trail, be quiet and keep the trail clean. Watch out for rough terrain along the trail, wet, slippery grass and unsettled rocks covered by it! In May and June, the south rampart especially is quite overgrown, so appropriate clothing and shoes are recommended.

The Hradisko Zobor Historical Interpretative Trail is a circuit 1.95 km long. The trail begins and ends at Pyramída. It is marked one-way clockwise. It runs directly along the defensive rampart to a great degree, crossing existing hiking trails and to a small extent also using them. The highest point along the trail is Zobor Hill, at an elevation of 587 meters above sea level, while the lowest point is the cistern at 505 meters. The trail’s total vertical climb is 110m. Signs and trail markers guide you along the entire trail. Hiking the entire trail takes about 45 minutes. However, the ascent to Pyramída and the return back down to the bus stop have to be figured into the entire hike. 

You can reach the blue-marked trail to Pyramída by taking Bus No. 9 from Nitra and getting off at the St. Svorad Special Hospital, or take Bus No. 10 from Nitra to the lower cableway station (Artin Pension) and hike the blue trail (or the red trail) to Pyramída.



Protected area: CHKO Ponitrie -
Start: Pyramída
Length: 1.95 km, vertical difference 110 m
Hiking time: approx. 45 minutes
Number of stops: 8
Type of trail: historical interpretive
Degree of difficulty: moderately demanding
Sequence of trail markers: blue, green, red
Approach: Nitra – Zobor Sanatorium, follow the blue markers; Nitra - Artin, follow the blue markers
Year opened, operated by: 2008, Hradisko Zobor Civil Association 
Neighboring interpretive trails: Zoborské vrchy (Zobor Hills) Interpretive Trail
Hradisko Zobor Historical Interpretative Trail created by:
Hradisko Zobor Civil Association in cooperation with the Nitra Region Monuments Board 

Cooperating on the text:
Mgr. Róbert Daňo, PhD, Peter Meňhart, Mgr. Peter Bisták, Mgr. Gašpar Fronc 

Literature and sources used:
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Web and informational material from the city of Nitra, Štátna ochrana prírody (State Nature Conservancy), CHKO Ponitrie Administration Office and files at the Nitra Regional Monuments Office and
at the Hradisko Zobor Civil Association 

We thank the following organizations for their help:
Nitra Region Monuments Board, Nitra Region Office of the Environment, CHKO Ponitrie Administration Office, Roman Catholic Church Diocese of Nitra and friends of Hradisko Zobor 

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