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Welcome to the HRADISKO ZOBOR Civil Association website.

Presenting a project that brings attention to the history of Nitra's dominating Pyramída and Zobor hills, whose peaks are surrounded by a two-kilometer long defensive rampart three thousand years old, the Hradisko Zobor. 


The project was the civil association's contribution to Nitra's candidacy as a 2013 European Capital of Culture, one of which had been designated to be in Slovakia.

The text and captions, photographs and unique aerial images here will let you become better acquainted with the hillfort and its history.

The historic Hradisko Zobor interpretive trail running through the terrain shows the defensive rampart and lets you get a comprehensive picture of how the hillfort looked. 

Hradisko Zobor is part of an important European nature reserve, the CHKO Ponitrie (Nitra ValleyProtected Landscape). It is a protected National Cultural Monument and also an archaeological site, which can only be reached on foot by hikers over carefully marked trails.

We will be gradually bringing you information about similar monuments around Nitra.

The photo gallery shows both photographs from the area surrounding the hillfort and contemporary images of the city of Nitra.

If you please, enter into history…

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